Pending Show

Have you ever experienced that you started a work, feeling fully determined and suddenly you see all circumstances get changed leaving you shocked. You see everything and I’m sure you did your efforts to keep all in your favour, still you see you are helpless to mend the situation or it’s too late to fix it all.
I wonder why we forget every time that life and circumstances, future is not same for all time.
Almost a year back I couraged to prepare my solo play. Found more than 3 hours long script, mt friend Amit Rahangdale helped me to ease the script and in direction, we had received approval of writer too. But suddenly I got to busy in a film script for a whole month and when I completed the script, Amit got a short film.
In short, neither I could bag a small role in that script, nor Amit could do the short film nor we had any show of the play so far after a year we started rehearsals.
Yes,if you see it’s story of failure.
And I’m ashamed of it that I could not take the play to stages. I feel I’m responsible for all.
I had informed my other friends regarding my preparation for the solo act. If they ask me about the play, I have no answer, I feel sorry. But when Amit asks me for the play, I feel guilty.



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