Before The Play

Some complaining actors (and so called or actually talented ones too) feels that group is not doing justice with the talent they have, and for most of the cases it’s true. These talents ate discovered when the group needs double cast or required actor is not available only.

Some other actors have complains that they are not offerd character they may suit for. For them the director has no idea for casting.

Those actors who feels they could do well if were given important roles, are actually jealous of the actor doing main lead or important roles.

These jealous actors should be preparing themselves for the character and show there talent by doing proxy when the main lead actor is not available in rehearsals. By this way, these actors may also grab director and group’s trust for them, but till then, they have to be waiting for the right time.

Sadly I have to say I don’t see any other way to grow yourself as an independent actor with your own recognition while working with the group.

In that case these actors may become rebellious and start their separate group with some other trusted friends, or start performing solo with a small team of technicians.

Solo performance I recommend for these actors. Yes, sometimes you don’t fund to work with group or a large than am then you must prepare your solo act and start performing.

For jealous actors, should practice to removing jealousy for lead one’s and concentrate on own character.

But problem is still there, lead character catches all fame and claps while other talents in the group have to seek audience after the play who come to praise their act.

All the best.


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