Moti Chun Ley Hamsa (मोती चुन ले हंसा)

So, the another journy reached on it’s first destination yesterday. ACT’s new production Moti Chun Ley Hamsa has been successfully performed at Recreation Club Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Show was successful and actors performed well with all lights and music but the most impotent thing is we had not time to rehears with light and music still the show was appreciated by the audience of Recreation Club and Gayatri Parivar Group.

Ah! Yes, it was organized by Gayatri Parivar, a Vaidik Organization somewhat religious too I think, but the play we have prepared and performed doesn’t belong to any religion or sects (otherwise I would not be part of it or would I?)

The concept is actually of Swapnil Kumar Shanu, an IITian Khadagpur, developed by Shashi Sinha, and Directed by Bhaskaranand Jha. Music was composed by Pravesh Mallik.

Artists On Stage were:

Shraddhanshu Shekhar : Sutradhar 1 & National Security Adviser

Vinay Kumar : Sutradhar 2 & National Security Specialist

Paan Wallah : Nitesh Pandey

Sakshi Mishra : Sutradhar 1’s wife, Naina and journalist

Bhavna Gori : Sutradhar 2’s wife, Rape Victim Girl & Kalpana

Nilesh Tiwari : R. Vijay, Naina’ father

Rohit Chowtai : Book Seller


Lyrics : Bhaskaranand Jha
Singers : Prem Prakash & Randip Kaur
Art Director : Premchand Mahto
Lights : Sujit
Backstage : Chunmun Rawat and Ranjit






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