Julius Caesar

Yesterday on Facebook I found a link on one of my friends’ wall saying ‘Who Is Your Historical Character’. It was a fun app on facebook has some 10 questions to tally with any historical character it asks the era and region. As I filled i would like to be in Europe and before Christ, it asked me my other Likes-and-Dislikes too, and then final result it showd me is:

‘You are Julius Caesar!
You are ambitious, powerful and full of energy! You have sense of loyalty and you have respect among your friends.’

(Julius Caesar)



Then I remember, when I was young at 10th standards, I used to read world history and was impressed by Napoleon Bonaparte who accepted he was politically influenced by Julius Caesar.

It has nothing important here to say the app compared me with the roman state man, but it reminded me how ambitious I was in my teenage. It’s not I wanted to be what I’m this time. I wanted to be a civil servant but could not crack UPSC exams however my moral was so high after qualifying UGC-NET/JRF in 2005, December.

This field of creativity, art, emotions, does not give power to fix problems of world. We can only mention and being to loght on those problems people are suffering from, but not make to remove them.

As an artist I’m happy with myself, but when I see people murdered, starved, crying, I see I’m helpless observer and nothing much.

If i were a political leader with power, I really would do to welfare of people.

A poor helpless man can not help others …na na na, do say me to pray, prayers doesn’t work in it’s way, one has to work in material world to fix these problems. For me, getting work and being on market is in first priority, only then I can do something for what I think.

Sounds selfish? 
Na, just reality.


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