What After The Show?

Actors who are not in tv or movies, still doing theatre passionately, rehearsing for months till show date, get nothing after the show.

These actors had been busy preparing for the show feeling they are like creating something or their existence on earth is useful, or they are not wasting time (Life) as others (commoners) are just spending their time without purpose (as some theatre artists feel so).

But what happens after the show? Especially when there is no shows or offers for tv / Movies?

Some theatre groups even in India are earning money enough to survive respectfully among other people. They also bags roles in tv/Movies. They do theatre for their satisfaction of being an artist or to prove themselves what they can’t on tv/Movies. But what about other actors? And you see them crying ‘Ther is no money in theatre.’ Really?

Yes the government funds ate not satisfactory too, then it’s other working actors’ duty to force government for funding in theatre so that theatre activists may live (survive) doing theatre.

Again the problem is same, what now after the show?

For actor who is on initial level of struggle have options:

1. To roam studio to studio looking for auditions.
2. To visit production houses to production houses for auditions.
3. To meet and request co-ordinators for work.
4. Meetings with casting directors for work. 
5. To pray God for work (If they are not an atheist like me).

Getting work is must, or stay with fake ego ‘Yes I’m theatre artist and I won’t request for work anymore.’

Sad 😦



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