No Climax At All


Yesterday I was talking with Vimal (Nazmowala, Vimal Ghodeshwar) on phone. He was actually giving me  outline of his next diploma film. I was very much impressed with his topic and research over it and of course the story was interesting too, and he suddenly stopped the story while I was listening to see where the story reaches on it’s climax. He finished his story without climax, incomplete, and asked my view over the story.

Vimal is a philosopher, observer, a poet but not a film maker yet, and I don’t think he will be a film maker. What hw only can be is Person Who Is Celebrating    His Life, otherwise he will vanish himself.    This is what I see his future.

Quoting Robindranath Tagor that he said ‘A short story is that has no End’ He said me “Shekhar Bhai humari zindagi me  koi climax nahi hota, goal badalte rahte hain.”

He is out of line. He refutes to follow rules of story telling. And this is good not just only for him but also for the tradition of story telling either it’s movies or theatre or tv. Everywhere we are seen an end only after a climax, a peak of struggle we reaches to the end.
We think if there is no climax, story is incomplete. Vimal rejects this tradition. He accepts that Life is a journey between two ends and it’s end comes gradually or suddenly but Without End.


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