Dulari Dhamal

BD (Bhagwan Das Patel) and I are friends since 2006, we were doing ‘Hamsa Kar Ley Kilol’ under Salil Chaubey’s direction in Vivechna Rangmandal in Jabalpur. When I came to Mumbai, I started working with Sajid Shukla for his short plays but most of co-actors there had no interest for stage as it was an acting school where students come and go.

Here in Mumbai, BD saw me in an audition and then I had been asking him  to inform me if he was doing theatre with any professional group. BD and Ganesh Da was are from BNA and both doing Alok Ulfat’s acting workshop that time, may be, rehearsals for Dulari Bai had been started. BD gave me Ganesh Da’s number and he invited me to 54, Aram Nagar. The same day (26th of December 2013) I was in, Ganesh Da out. He left the group. Alok sir tried much to keep him working with the group but he left and never came back.
After two days, I was started getting conveyance for the rehearsals. It was first time in life I was paid for coming to rehearsals.

Soon I got a role of Chimna Manjhi in Dulari Bai, and till the last show was done in 27th of April 2014, in Epi Centre Gurgaon, I had been doing the same character.

Full Cast & Crew
Alok Ulfat

Sutradar: Mohit Chabra
Dulari Bai: Shruti Ulfat
Kallu Bhand: Sahil Khattar, Rupesh Tillu
Eishwar: Manish Sharma, Mohit
Farzi Lal: Vikas Arora,
Katorimal Itrafarosh: Kalyan Chaudhary
Nanku Mochi: Bhaskaranand Jha, Anil Kumar
Gangaram Jaat: Madan Tiwari, Deepal Doshi
Patel: Paras Bhadauria, Alok Ulfat
Chimna Manjhi: Shraddhanshu Shekhar
Bilal Bhai: Alok Ulfat
Gayan & Vadan Mandali: Neeraj Kushwaha, Sateesh, Naveen, Sushil, Rohit.
Dancers: Shraddhanshu, Sushil Ranakoti, Naveen
The last show of Dulari Dhamal: 27th of April 2014


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