Parliamentarians & We

Earlier when these parliamentarians were claimed to be representatives of God and the Parliament was not a holy place as it is (projected still not considered) seen now in modern age, people would think it’s their destiny to be a commoner (if they were not slaves ) and they had a few possibilities to be a Parliamentarian (for slaves, no hope).

Now in modern age in India after it’s Independence democracy has been changed as per the public have been getting awareness through media, intarnet and other sources, still I see people are lured easily by political forces through communal-linguistic-and-cultural elements, and a large part of Indian population is unable to understand their Game.

Well, now, unlike old days, a common man also can be a Parliamentarian  (as lawmakers say, I don’t) and find a common man who thinks to be our next Prime Minister, or to represent his/her people in Parliament. I see our democracy is Game/Conspiracy to keep weak people to be Sheeple in the way our Parliamentarians want us to be.

Modi says himself a Pradhan Sevak (Chief Servant) ok. Nice. I must appreciate this thought of Pradhan Sevak but I wonder to see these parliamentarians having so much facilities and power (?) Why are they in power? Do you think your servant should have power to Rule you? Yes they Rule us not Serve! Yes, they never behave as our servants.

Oh I may be seen being jealous of these rich powerful parliamentarians? Do I? Na, I’m not jealous. I just wish them to be servant not rular, but then who and why will be a Parliamentarian? If you see them you will find them being proud of their post, power, fame and money right? Do you really want yourservant to be rich more tnen you? Do you want your servant having power over you? Don’t you want your servant to be obedient to you? Do you see any Parliamentarian serving you as your servant?

I still believe Democratic system is far better then Monarchy and Theocracy, but it’s not enough. People need more education and awareness so that democracy may come out as it’s real form not what our parliamentarians have made it, an option to gain power-fame-money.


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