Acting Business And Me

Today surfing on net I came to read a  tragic story. It was about an actor who graduated from one of the big drama school. Nothing happened for few months then after three months he started going for auditions.

He was desperate and casting directors could smell it. Sometimes or often being desperate is never an attractive quality. Unfortunately he did not get job and waited for more few month for auditions. Then he met an agent who sent him to work for a corporate company as an actor to introduce company’s stuff in street plays.

He did this job for few months travelling some cities and selling company’s stuff to people. Yes he used his skill better to sell those stuffs and company paid him a little more then others of his group. Then he got more works like this in street plays, sometimes to canvassing for a political party before elections and earned even some respect among local people of that political party.

After few years he suddenly realized what he has been doing so far. He realized that it’s not he was graduated for, while he wanted to work as an actor in TVs and Movies.

It’s not the end of the story and I’m not going to finish it with a proper end. The article I was reading, was about Learning the Business of Acting. I also believe that acting is a business and an actor must have enough business skill to promote himself as an actor. I believe that an actor is a businessman who sells his skills, his craft to people. He is an industry and has to invest his time and money, if needed to enrich his skill also to reach out to casting dirrctors. The problem comes with How To Do It?

I see actors struggling to get ‘chance’ in TV and movies. Some of them are from NSD, BNA, FTII and some have a long journey of theatre with several amateur or professional theatre groups. They are skilled with a long acting experience still I see them not working as they have  to be expected while others I see come from a wealthy family background are working. I did not see how they project themselves to casting directors to bag their roles.

Skill, no doubt, is necessary. And, to reach out to the market, and to maintain relationships with casting directors etc. are some of the trick yoummay see on web, ok, some of old actors are also seen preaching the same. What if I’m not that kind of open perosn to make friendship quickly and maintain relationship with casting directors? Yes you are right, one must adopt and accept the rules of the society he is in. Still, after all efforts, result is same. Ok there may be, one does not maintain the attire and look asked for the audition, or may be not having good communication skills, etc. Does it mean he is not a good actor? Na! It means, he is not a good businessman.

I personally never been a good businessman, and as it’s said “der ayad, durust ayad” I have to learn the business skills simultaneously working on improving my acting skill. Yes, if one does good promotion of his product but the product has not such quality, he can’t be long-lasting on market.

Currently I’m busy working on Moti Chun Ley Hamsa with Star ACT, and running for auditions studio to studio, production houses to production houses, without knowing what they make for which channel. But now I feel, I have to make a strategy, plan and must develop the business skills.



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