Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

You may have heard the story of wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be sheep but his intention was to eat sheeps of the herd. The story was (I think) made to teach children to be aware of mischievous people and their betrayals. From a different pov the story was made to keep children enslaved of the system, to follow the rules created by ancient priests and clever politicians. They wanted generations to be obeying the system and not breaking the rules have been good for those clever group of ancient people.

Theory has been changed.
I came to know the new version of the story in 2011 when I learnt about Anonymous through “V for Vendetta” like movie. First time I got to know that the the new world is not facing war between Capitalism & Communism but Illuminaties & Anonymous.

Yes, some people believe Illuminati don’t exist, some think that Freemasons had links with Illuminati, other believe that all governments with their leaders ruling the world are group of ulluminatis.

Anons, they are anonymous, they are hackers and sometimes they hide their identity to prevent themselves from governments and government officials. All anons are not hackers and all hackers are not Anons too.

Anonymous claims to be freedom fighters. They awaken people about their slavery to Illuminatis. Anons are Anarchists (No masters), Atheists (No Gods), and strongly believers/followers of Love.

Illuminati are considered a small group of resourceful people in power and ruling the word through their policies and for their benifits only.

In ancient time we see kings and their aides, priests, bankers were like Illuminati while rebellions, social & religious reformers were generally described behaving against the system and had been criticized by lawmakers of their times.

The new theory of Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing has not been created by me, and even I don’t say it’s true but itseems true to me.

According to new story the world is politically – economically – religiously governed by Shepherd/Shepherds (or a group of Shepherd). They rule, utilize, kill, drive, drag and keep control over the Sheeple (people for them are Sheeps) for their own benifits, with the help of Sheep Dogs (Police, Army, Media and government spy agencies). Sheeple are people following governments without using their minds. Sheeple is crowd easily driven by politicians and religious gurus for their benefits. Sheeple are bling followers of their leaders.

Who is wolf then? Wolf is here not to kill sheeps. He is whistle blower who awakens sheeple about their slavery. He criticizes the system and fights for people (not for sheeple). Wolf is not powerful as shepherds are or the group of Sheep Dogs are, but he loves Freedom and appose any kind of slavery either it’s political, religious, economic, linguistic or cultural. Wolf sees the world is ONE planet and not divided by political lines. Religion is personal matter of individual’s Faith. Language is just a medium for communication. Etc.

Well, now let’s come on ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’. It’s the person who is living with people, pretending to be a common man, but having the understanding of system and volcano against rulers, waiting for the right time to blow up. He has to be a sheep untill he gets enough power to tell other sheeps that he is not a sheep to follow the system blindly, but a wolf and he would fight against the system not following the system anymore.

In India, I see Arundhati Roy, Himanshu Kumar, Suyash Suprabh and Dilip C. Mandal are some of people who refused to be part of sheeple. Khushwant Singh, Pash, Safdar Hashmi were some of free people who lived their life as they wanted to live without following the system.

I will not say what you are or who me is under this theory. I’m not to categorize people into categories. What I said about mentioned names above is my personal view and I can’t say they believe in this theory.



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