Kamzor People!

Many times I have faced people quoting lines of religious books or well known thinker’s words, or using couplets from poems by old classic poets, and all they do it to prove what they are saying is true. Although quoting someone’s words or using lines of holy books is useless and poor efforts to support one’s thoughts, people do that without knowing me is willing to listen them or not. They just start and speak without break, continuously. Finally I had to run away from them saying ‘I gotta go, see you later, bye’.

I wonder why people take support from religious books or classic thinkers.

Also there are people depending on religious books to see what is Good and Bad for their life. They have almost lost their minds and ability to find out what is Good and Bad for them and society. For them, even crime is Good if their holy book orders them to do. They are Blind mentally.


People should be based on own intellect, speak through own experiences, should be free from what someone else has said in past or what is written in holy books about dealing with the situation.

I see people following religious gurus, influenced by TV news reports and their panellists’ opinions. They are lazy to study by themselves to know the truth. Of course we can’t go into everything to know what the real matter is/was but still following someone blindly or borrow opinions from a particular news channel panellists, is not sign of person with good intellect.

I don’t watch TV, rather I prefer to read various newspapers on my phone and I make my own opinion about incidents and happenings around me.

I’m happy, I’m not one of them: Blind Followers! Kamzor People!!



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