Write to Release and Feel Peace.


Today accidentally (?) Priyanka shared her WordPress blog’s link on her Facebook that I noticed and opened immediately. Though she had deleted the link within few seconds but I got the blog opened in another tab of my Opera Mini.

The line on upper left coroner of my phone in her blog which attracted my attention was “Release is when you write”, and yes, that’s true. Yhis is why I started writing here on (blogger & WordPress). To release.

I’m surrounded by much noice. I can’t find peace outside of me, either in home or with friends or roaming for auditions. No peace I find anywhere. I dislike to talk much nowadays to share my emotions / thoughts with friends. Life has become too self-centred in recent years. Since December 2015 (I had started writing blogs (blogger & WordPress) I’m not much on Facebook also. Rarely I open Twitter which I see has no use for me. Last two three days I have been feeling that writing is only medium for me to say what I can’t I can’t post on Facebook,  what I can’t make topic for discussion with friends, what I can not hold inside me. I write here and I feel me relaxed.

Na na.. I’m not addicted of writing. Not at all. In fact I hated writing as an assistant to Amit Gupta for writing some movie scripts. Writing for someone, to earn money, to please director & producers, is really a ‘creative writing’ but can not make writer feel in peace. Its another thing if someone writes for himself and people like it as it is.

Why do I write then?
To get released. To feel peace.

I’m not here to please others, not to prove something to someone or group of people, not to spread my thoughts  (philosophy) to the world (actually nobody has even have a look on my blogs so far). So people may see grammatical mistakes on my English writings (only if any reader comes to read my blogs).

I could have written on paper right? Yes I used to do that. I used to write Diaries between my 16th to 25th (class 10th to MA). And one day I burnt all registers (my diaries). I tried to burnt my past unsuccessfully. I’m still here as a result of my past.

Here, from last December 2015 I have started writing blogs. Though it’s all private and must be hidden, I do publish (open) for all. No explanation here. I’m not to explain everything, and to whom and why?

I have seen some other blogs of people like Himanshu Kumar ji, Amarnath Madhur, Rahul Vimal, Preetika Rao, and now today I saw blog by Priyanka Charan. Some people write to tell their ideologies to world, some write to share their life experience with unknown readers. Himanshu ji has an agenda. He works for not just tribal people but to save the humanity from tyranny of government. Priyanka’s writing is different, also her way of writing is different, a storytelling way of writing. In future I’m supposed to choose her way of writing putting me as ‘Third Person’ in my blog. That makes her writing interesting for readers (I don’t know who reads her but people should read her). Well, all depends on how I feel relaxed, through which way of writing, and when.

(Photo: Bernese, Switzerland)


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