Random Thoughts


People are animals inside them, Not really but symbolically.

Human being in human body is rare to see.

Human society can be compared with jungle where violent and strong animals enjoy privileges while weaks are just survivors.

All economic – administrative – cultural systems and traditions are made by powerful ones to protect their privileges in order to create this so called civilezed society where weak ones are cursed to be slaves unknowingly.

Slaves are happy. Happy are those who don’t know they are slaves and governed by Masters. Slaves have no consciousness to know who and how is making them slaves.

Once a slave can be free by self-efforts but never be enslaved again. His mind remains free.


Many streams are there to rule human minds. Each stream claims to be good and flowing towards right way. People flowing with different streams are unknowingly enemies to each other.
Strong ones are those who understand and change the way and pace of the stream. Sometimes they are ones who had created the stream. Rest are weak animals. If a slave becomes aware about the stream is no longer a slave and also leave impact on way and pace of the stream, sometimes he himself creates a new stream.

We do not know how many streams are there in ocean, moving towards which way.

Media is a tool of strong people.

Education is free to everyone but few get educated in real.

Causation Theory besides it’s theoretical part is true. Its not a chain but combination of causes-works-results at same point at same time.

Light is there where is dark. If there is light out side, there must be darkness in side.


All ways leads to different heights.
Imposed Morality has killed original behaviour of human society.

If love is in heart, there is no need of temples and imaginary gods.

Mythology has no use in modern time. It has no use to look back in mythology and feel shame.

Science is a way to understand the nature.

Mind is seized and thoughts are not independent.

Energy and matter with consciousness is human body.

Jeeva deals with other jeevas in daily life.

Jeeva which has more energy and aware consciousness are winners.

(Photos: from Facebook)

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