I see blogging is not so relevant nowadays as other social websites and apps are. Most of people are either on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or Tango, Telegram etc. People use social websites and apps popular in their countries. Politicians’ & Celebrities’ micro-blogging posts are used to create news by news channels. Facebook is for vomiting  what mind has inside.

My first social website I got registered was Waplog and then AirG. Some of my Filipinas, Ghanaians, and one Somalian, one Kenyan friend is still in my Facebook after 4 years, I got through Waplog. Few South African friends, Americans, I came into contact with, were on AirG. Whatsapp also helped me to reach beyond political lines of nations.

As I see blogging is not popular now as it was few years ago, I was not an internet user that time.

I wanted to create my website. I searched for free website and tried few, and so I came to know about Blogs : as a medium to reach people through search engines and can be used as personal page on internet.

I had created a blog almost four years back which I couldn’t use and deleted recently before starting Blogger and WordPress blogs. My another blog on Blog.Com also had some good posts but I had deleted it too because the site was too slow and not easy to each browser. Now I’m on Blogger and WordPress with same posts which I don’t know anybody looks up or not.

Writing and reading long post is boring, even on Facebook, people ignore long posts, still I started writing blogs because I read a post on Facebook that Anand Gandhi has shared his blog’s link over Sallekhana, which was a burning topic that time, then I saw Danga (a Nigerian friend) also has started writing blog. If Anand Gandhi writes blog, why shouldn’t I? Ok if it’s losing trend and people are driving towards micro blogging sites and other social sites, I will also write small posts in my blogs. And, who knows like mobile phones’ market, this blogging may come back again in trend. I know Orcut is not used now (I never been on it).

I should leave writing long posts. It consumes much time, but releases mind. I do post here what I don’t post on my Facebook account. I had deleted my Facebook page (I had no follower on my fb page).

Let’s see. Until I get bored of bloggings, until it helps me to relax my mind, I’m here.

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