Where Revealed and Hidden are Together


After spending entire the day running hither and thither he was moving now towards his home, slow, tired and sad as the evening was. Checked his mobile phone to see msgs, and confirmed he has saved the number of a friend she met him at noon after a long time. Again he started moving to home through  narrow busy market street, vegetables and other shops both sides were making the narrow way narrower.

He was nothing but an another passer by among people there in market walking through the street, slowly and tired. Suddenly he felt someone softly pushed him ahead was a girl, whispered ‘chalo, jaldi chalo’ (move fast, move fast). He gave a look to back left for a second, but didn’t see her face, and kept moving forward in same pace. That girl walking behind him overtook him and got disappeared in market crowd.

He neither saw her face nor followed her, but kept walking on his way in slow pace, her words had been echoing in his mind until he reached his home, and then he thought should he take her those words as an advice, suggestion or an order or what? His common sense does not allow him to take those words in any symbolic way.

Someone told him to be aware of those hidden languages generally ignored and remain untold still comes out and responsible for giving a way to human society and mind, but how can a realist differentiate both? Knowing the point where revealed and hidden get apart from each other or meet together is still a mystery making feel him alone in a field beyond the world.

Learning is a process never comes to an end.

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