Looking Up For New Hopes


I see casting directors came to Mumbai for acting but moved in casting and settled down. I know some assistant directors working as both actors and ADs according to opportunities. Some cameramen and writers become directors while some directors do write and occasionally handle cameras as well. Anurag Kashyap, Nishikanth Kamath, Rajat Kapoor and Tigmanshu Dhulia also do act while Vishal Bhardwaj gives music as well. Earlier in black-&-white era we see Bollywood has given multi-talanted personalities and the tradition still continues, and of course it’s good, Nobody stops others to come and perform, but those who are struggling to get ‘chance’ have to face difficulties. I am not blaming those mentioned above, I am not blaming to anyone, but in this ShowBiz industry everyone does not touch the level what he/she wants. Ok, the good thing is, like other fields, here is also the apex is always vacant. All we see here are those trying either to reach the apex or maintain their positions but nobody is on top always. It is said that “Mumbai gives food and Bollywood provides ‘chance’ to everyone” who comes here. I had much expectations from Sharon Ply’s ad I did as Charlie Chaplin but it’s good I’m not bounded with Charlie Act only. It proved me an actor to those had been underestimating me. Well, before the Ad, I also have spent time assisting a writer-director for some scripts but I was focused on acting only. I never liked writing. I had been assisting Muzammil Desai for tv serials in Balaji for few months, but those were days I used to feel jealous for actors. I won’t say me a multi-talented person, I will never direct or write any movie in future. Yes I may be writing and directing plays but my priority will be acting only, no matter which medium it is (Streets, Stage, TVs, Films). It’s not because I know my inner-flow or those multi-talented people  (mentioned above) have illusions with their identities, but because acting was only option for me after giving up preparations for Civil Services. I admit I never thought it be my occupation. I always believed to keep duty and hobby separated, but it’s unfortunate or fortunate, I’m in acting now, looking for my place, running towards the apex, hence I know it’s for nobody and and I’m still out of orbit after spending more than three years in Mumbai.

(Photo: Taken by Shekhar Astitwa at Gondia Railway Station, waiting for the train to Mumbai)

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