Darkness allows me to be what I am,
The Light.
It helps me sometimes to be hidden from others,
And myself too.
Darkness is my friend as Light is.
It proves when Light comes.
Light is there where Darkness is.
Going to the Light is possible,
When I have been in Darkness.
Darkness shows me the way to the Light.
Darkness paves my path to the Light.
And I know more:
The Light is a way to the Source of Light.
It reveals on me that Darkness respects my existence as source of Light.
I’m in Darkness, I’m not the Darkness.
I’m the source of Light, I’m not the Light.
Clever are they kept people in Darkness,
And occupied Light for themselves only.
It could happen only because
People in Darkness could not see the Light.
How could people approach towards the Light Source?
They were allowed neither to see the Light,
Nor to be Source of Light.
Light can not be borrowed from out.
It emerges from within.
From deep dense Darkness.
After thousands of years of penances.
People in Light, and sources of Light may hold it till they remember the Darkness they were in.
Darkness is my friend.
Darkness is my meditation.
Light is my centre for concentration.
When I was Darkness, outside was the Light.
When I am source of Light, Light is outside,
And Darkness is far away.
But I know it’s out there where Light does not reach.
Darkness exits, Light emerges.
Light has to fight, Darkness plays with Light.
I respect both, Darkness and Light.
Light allows me to be Alive.
Darkness is final destination.
When the Lamp will be off,
Light will be disappeared,
My friend Darkness will be there,
To hug me,
Allowing me to rest forever in peace.

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