Prem Vihar (Being In Love)


Purn Singh writes to be merged with Mind in ‘Ksheer Sagar’, Buddha says about ‘Brahm Viahara’, both kinds of spiritual, practical and applicable in daily life. ‘Ksheer Sagar’ is state of Mind where one is beyond of all worldly affairs, like Rumi, happy within, far from sorrow and sadness, sufferings etc. Buddha’s ‘Brahm Vihara’ is Love and Kindness, compassion without attachments. Here Buddha never uses Love (or Prem) but ‘Metta’ which includes Love, Kindness, Mindfulness, awareness, but no attachments. He believes attachment causes suffering and yes it’s true.

What is ‘Prem Vihara’ then? It’s when the Mind (Heart) is in Love, either for someone or a group of people or entire the world or for nature. It’s ‘Being In Love’.

When it rains first time after a hot summer, fragrances the earth. One who observes the fragrance of earth with entire of his existence (consciousness-mindfulness), may understand what “Prem Vihara” is. Yes it’s quite possible for everyone to feel unlike ‘Nirvana, Moksha, Brahma’ etc.

One who is or has been in Love ever in his Life, maintains ‘the feeling’ (Mood) even when his/her Beloved is not with, is in Prem Vihara.

He can never be angry, sad, scared, suffered. He is always ‘In Love’, smiling, peaceful, and some kind of unaware what others thinks about him.

It’s not spiritual like Vedik Brahma, Rooh, Atma, Brahma Vihara, Metta, etc. In fact nothing is spiritual. All one observes, feels and experiences is through either body or mind. All emotions, thoughts and materialistic stuffs are observable and can be experienced through body and mind, and so Love is. It’s totally for living beings what they feel for their Loved Ones, animals, birds, nature, elements, other stuffs. To observe the feeling of that relation between one and other/others filled with Love is Prem Vihara. In this condition there is no hate, no anger, no worries, no sorrows, no sufferings, but yes, a sort of attachment which may sometimes make one cry with pain. Feel the pain, feel the Love.


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