And I Was Lost!


ME: No! No! Stop! Don’t say we are poors. Having money just proves that someone has more quantity of the medium which is used to buy things. If you are having more emotions, beauty, thoughts, or something else which they don’t have, it means you are rich on that ground isn’t right?

SHE: But they live better life then us. They have car, they own flats or bungalows, they eat delicious foods and wear expensive dresses. If you want to ignore the fact is ok with you but by thinking so you can’t be rich, oh you can’t be having cars, bungalows, etc. if you think being rich doesn’t depend on money.

I was speechless. She made me quiet and staring at her. She was not wrong. She said is what happens we see in our daily life. We kept looking at each other for few seconds without saying any word, and she said with her calmness and in convincing way,

SHE: Shekhar, why don’t you understand? Or you really don’t want to understand the system?

ME: No, I just don’t feel comfortable with people driven by money, having no soul.

SHE: Or you can’t see yourself feeling inferior because you are not rich but they are.

ME: You think I feel inferior?

SHE: Yes

ME: Oh Really?

SHE: Yes and you can’t hide your emotions, it comes on your face when you are there.

ME: Ok, suppose you meet a girl is not so beautiful as you are but she comes from a rich businessman family, what will you feel, inferior? And if she shows off of her dresses, jewellery etc. will you get depressed or proud because you are the magnet of the party, everyone is looking at you not her.

Now was her time to be quiet, looking at me romantically, to shy, and to ponder over what I said. She smiles, looks down, and slowly moves ahead, approaches to me, puts her arms around my neck and looking into my eyes she whispers,

SHE: Hmmm.. maybe you are right.

And I was lost.
I knew, I was wrong,
I knew, she was right.

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