I was in a small party/dinner with some people, a small group sitting on a mat and I was quietly sitting between two persons talking to each other, not involved in their discussion even later with the group I didn’t participate in their talks. I knew I was getting noticed because I was in almost centre of the group. One girl could not stop her asking me ‘Why are you so quiet, not saying even a word, are you ok?’ ‘Yes I’m ok, nothing is wrong, don’t worry’ I said with faded smile. One of my friends there said ‘He is peace loving guy, remains silent most of the times.’ She said with some strange (to my friend) Ok but he is too silent, doesn’t speak a word (to me) Why are you so calm and quiet?’ She forced me to answer. ‘I don’t know, or maybe I know but this question raised in your mind, so now it’s your job to find out the reason, not mine.’ I left her and all staring at me for a moment, and then they continued their discussion leaving me smiling over the girl.

Anjuman Main Ye Meri Khamoshi..
Burdbari Nahin Hai, Wehshat Hai..
(Jaun Elia)

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