I Won’t Say I Love You!


When you said you Love me,
Love was over!
Love was not anymore!

When you asked me if I Love You,
Love was there in my heart,
In my unanswered silence.

Love cannot be said in words,
How could I say I Love You?
Hence you did not notice in my eyes!

You said you Love me,
It was your side.
You could remain forever with that love.

Girl, I Love You!
But I won’t say that.
I will let you know through my eyes,
And if it’s not in my eyes
Then I suspect on my feelings
Or you couldn’t reach my heart.

Pagli I Love You!
But I Love the feeling of being in Love, more than you.
Because you may change by time,
But my feelings will remain same

You may leave me,
Or death may take you away from me,
My feelings will be there with me,
Even after you.

I may loose you
But I’m afraid to loose my feelings of Love.

I Love You so much,
But I’m sorry,
I won’t say I Love You!


Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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