Individual or Global

Media is busy praising political monsters, religious vampires, celebrities, hiding news, fooling sheeple and pleasing their masters. Anyone whose mind is depending on TV news reports to borrow opinions is either sheeple or about to be a sheep. I see people making their political decision over tv news reports and debates, with incomplete informations. These are sheeple easily controlled, governed, misused to fight with other country, religion, ethnic group, etc. Masters have no fight or after pretending against to each other they become friends, while their toys, these sheeple are divided into different nations, language speaking groups, castes, etc.


One can be and should be having two identities:

One’s name, lineage, marks on body, place of name, etc. can be considered personal identity and removing caste, race, nation, may bring them under same global identity. Yes, for being a global citizen one must drop his caste,  nationalism, racism, proud of language, and all which divide them into groups.
A global / universal citizen must not be part of any organization. Political ideology, personal spiritual faith, maybe accepted as long as they don’t form any group or organization. Language must be seen just as medium of communication not a matter of ethnic proud.


I’m not the first who is thinking so. There are many who share the same thought I have, and MN Roy, Bhagat Singh, Jiddu Krishnamurti, UG Krishnamurti, Ambedkar before independence, and many more I don’t know, had the same thinking I have. Himanshu Kumar, Suyash, Sham Murti are fighting to save humanity from cruel monsters. Thomas Pen, Che, African Che, …and the list may go long proves me just another freeman of the channel.

What was Tipu’s view I don’t know but he also had title of Citizen Tipu, same as Ugra Nath ji have.


Being part of global citizenship, reluctantly one has to put national, provincial, linguistic identities. One may drop his caste, be free from religion, but sheeple are unable to digest him in their society.


Sheeple don’t need to be matured, they just need to be people.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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