It Takes Time To Know Hidden Meaning


I used to read a story about a poor fool ugly boy living in a small hut beside a big castle of the richest merchant of the city. He loves to merchant’s beautiful daughter very much who clearly refuses to marry an ugly boy. Disappointed boy goes to jungle to commit suicide but eventually a ghost becomes his friend and makes him handsome looking boy. Next day the boy approaches to girl and proposes her again but she refuses this time making excuses that he must be rich first. That night boy again meets his ghost friend who offers him a hidden treasure under the tree, also he makes boy’s hut a larger castle than merchant’s.

Next morning he asks again the girl to marry him but faces refusal again as she says she can’t marry to a fool. Boy tells that all to his ghost friend who teaches him all tricks of business within a night. Next day boy wakes up as a wise businessman but does not go to see merchant’s daughter. She comes to the boy and offers him to marry her which he rejects calmly saying ‘You did not accept my love because I was ugly, I became a handsome man. You refused to love me because I was poor and I became rich. You rejected my proposal for marriage because I not intelligent and I became a wise businessman. Now I’m going to marry the princess’ and story ends here teaching that we should not reject true love because of money looks or other reasons.

Ok, but the story may have had other end as I see the girl indirectly brought that boy to her living status so that he can be her better half, then she herself comes to the boy with marriage proposal  but this time it was boy who rejects her love for princess.

Now, after more than 20 years I see the boy is greedy and culprit not that girl. Same story reveals itself in a different way and I see myself a bit matured again. In the same way, if I read a script many times, it saves in subconscious and suddenly dialogues come out with a different meaning which I never thought before.

Mind works even I don’t, and it’s interesting to see the mystery.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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