‘Mind Block’ while Act


As an actor, you may have experienced Mind Block during rehearsals. You are unable to understand what the director actually wants. He says ‘I want like this’ and acts. Now you are asked to do the same. You, because have no idea behind director’s act, try to copy exactly what the director did, and he says ‘no no no no not this, see like this’ again he acts same, and aspects you to perform what he has in his mind. All your co-actors know that you are doing the same as you are told/shown, still they can’t help you to bring out what director wants from you.

Sometimes actor really cannot understand what is required for an act. Everyone there understand what the director wants and what actor is doing. For that case, nobody should involve between actor and director letting them both to understand each other’s mind. It’s then director’s duty to make an act done by actor if he is nearing to execute what is required, otherwise actor will leave. Well, a good director never allows actor to leave.

‘Fly under the Bottle’ sometimes takes more time to come out while others think ‘how easy it is’.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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