20 Rupees’ Note


Today I found a 20 rupees’ note lying on raod while roaming for auditions. I was talking on phone and suddenly found the note, picked and continued on my way. It was folded into many folds and hardly could be seen by people.

Indians believe, if you find money through this way without work, and if it’s of a poor, then the money may bring you unnecessary expenses 10 times more then the money you found.

Another superstition about it is, if you ignore and don’t pick money lying on road, then money or prosperity may get away from you, because it may think (I don’t think that money can think) you are ignoring and insulting it.

Both of superstitions given above have no base to talk about.

Some people think God examins your greed through this way. If you don’t accept such money, he will be pleased and give you heaven after your death. LOL!

Nature / God didn’t make this economic systems, bankers and rich & poors. Currency is a medium to ease exchanging things. It was originated by bankers and businessmen in ancient time, after development of agriculture and this currency system has replaced ‘Jajamani’ system (exchanging stuffs). Money, currency, financial and economic system have no business of God / Nature. Nature has provided everything free and we need not to buy drinking water, oxygen, foods and other stuffs.

One must be having the understanding to know what is manmade and what is given by nature, so that one may not be confused with ‘business of god’ concept.

I’m an atheist (not Anti-Theist) and I don’t believe in any of superstitions I have described above, but Believers must be aware and shouldn’t be fooled by priests and bankers. God/Nature didn’t make anybody Rich or Poor.

Earlier, before currency system, rich would be considered having numbers of animals. Later after development of agriculture, having large cultivating lands would be sign for being rich, though animals were also important. Multinational tradings were in practice during Indus Valley Civilization also, but currencies were between traders only as their trading marks. Bin Tughlaq in south asia took initiative for symbolic currency system as copper coins but people were not matured to accept the system.

Currency is, while a medium to exchange things, economic system on other hand is fully a game. It’s true that economic system is nowadays more stronger than religion, politics and culture. Earlier, religion used to be the strongest system to rule over politics, culture, education, society and economic system was also under religion.

All politics, religion and economic systems have been fighting with each other for their supremacy over society, but they also have strong bound that people can not understand easily. One must be free from all these systems to see them naked playing with innocent people.

Currency note I found today is still in my pocket and I may use it to travel for auditions tomorrow.



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