Jealous of those legends had charismatic personalities, made people crazy for them, men became mad and girls torn their cloths. We can simplify them saying ‘divine personalities’ but in fact, as I could analyse them, they were truly honest to themselves. They did not pretend to be what they were not, that made them fearlessly open to all. They did neither care what others may think about them nor ponder over much on what result maycome through their acts. They did what they wanted to do, they was what they wanted to be. It’s really not so easy to be true to self. We are living undar many social-cultural-political-religious and of course economic restrictions. One cannot easily break rules but if it happens, it brings changes upsidedown for thousands of years.

A normal, common man spends his life fulfilling his desires, needs, then family’s needs, completing all social rituals, following rules, in readymade structured way. Na it’s not bad, bad is when one forgets he is alive too. Some of them are  connected with surrounding environment consciously, open eyes, do vomit on their Facebook walls as philosophical-masturbation and feel released, relaxed.

Some people are Aware of what is happening around,
Knowing everything,
Happy because they are not dumb,
Sad because he can not do anything
Intellectual in own view,
But afraid to speak out, afraid to be against anyone, afraid to critics anything..

One is nobody before political giants, social monsters and religious thugs. One is afraids of crowd which is mad to kill a person just because of his look, different faith, different thoughts, different political ideologies. This crowd is crowd of brainwashed people having no self decisions taking abilities.

Legends those either came to known or remained unknown were truly free people, true to themselves, honest to be what they are, being careless of what others think or what going to be happen with them. They generally don’t live a long life. They die early, or got killed but within their short life time period they would have been lived their lives more than others.

Being true and honest to oneself is not difficult, but it requires Courage, to stay within, to remain original, to see far out, to go beyond. Courage to follow heart. They were truly spiritual people without being part of any religious organization. They were honest, free and original and so is possible for everyone who got courage and understanding to remain original.

“When my last breath has been taken, I hope that I will have lived and stood for what I believe in.”

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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