SHE: Hiii

Shekhar: Hi how are you?

SHE: My marriage got fix

Shekhar: wow. Congratulations.. where?

SHE: here.. the same city

Shekhar: what does your would be do?

SHE: he is in bank

Shekhar: Arey wah wah :D:D:D👍Do i know him?

SHE: How do I know

Shekhar: What’s his name?

SHE: (Name)

Shekahr: I don’t know him but it’s good, your lefe is set now

SHE: Hmm

Shekhar: What is his full name?

SHE: I told you his first name is enough for you

Shekhar: Ok leave it but that’s good you are engaged now.. Well, when you gonna get married? This year? Till June or July?

SHE: Let you know on Sunday, probably in April lsat week

Shekhar: Ok but see I can’t attain your marriage party… sorry

SHE: Arey? Why? Ain’t you my friend?

Shekhar: Better you get married on 15th and celebrate your birthday as well haha..

SHE: Hihihi.. No no.. 20/25

Shekhar: See, If I come, I have to bring gifts for you.. And I don’t want to come without gifts

SHE: Why Gift? You come from too far that itself is a gift for me

Shekhar: But I will meet you at first time and without gift, how is it possible?

SHE: Arey tour coming would be my gift

Shekhar: No

SHE: Yes

Shekhar: Na, you go involve in your marriage preparation and dreams
SHE: Do come

Shekhar: Na Na.. Let’s see.. if I had time, mood and money then only I will come

SHE: What dreams

Shekhar: I meant dreams, thinking of your marriage

SHE: Ok good night

Shekhar: Arey? Don’t you wanna talk to me tonight?

SHE: What

Shekhar: Talk to me.. because you won’t talk to me after you got married

SHE: I did, didn’t I?

Shekhar: Ok.. but after marriage you won’t talk to me

SHE: I don’t know

Shekhar: I will miss you then

SHE: You liar

Shekhar: Talk to me till April comes, then who knows you will have my nombre or not

SHE: You have a girlfriend ..and you didn’t have time for me

Shekhar: My girlfriend? She won’t marey me a poor guy rather she would like to be with any producer or director ..well, have you done your dinner? I just came a few minutes ago, have mot had my dinner yet

SHE: Yes I have done my dinner

Shekhar: What was there for dinner?

SHE: Beans

Shekhar: Everybody may have had dinner tonight right? I mean, guests etc.

SHE: No. They came last Sunday

Shekhar: And you are telling me today, after a week

SHE: But marriage was not fix that time

Shekhar: Today??

SHE: Yeah they called toady

Shekhar: Hey are you on my Facebook na? If you delete my number after your marriage that’s ok but pls stay as my Facebook friend ok

SHE: Find me on Facebook

Shekhar: Why are you saying like this?

SHE: Ha na

Shekhar: Q???

SHE: You’ll miss me

Shekhar: So what.. I won’t cry for you.. I’m not going to drink winemissing you.. I won’t cut my nerves.

SHE: Oye

Shekhar: Or I won’t smoke cigarettes too..

SHE: This all is bulshit

Shekhar: You stay my friend like this.. I love to fight with you haha

SHE: Ha do miss me this way.. my fightings..

Shekhar: But who knows we’ll talk later or not after your marriage

SHE: Don’t know

Shekhar: Ok April is after March

SHE: We had been fighting so much nobody would do that

Shekhar: True


Shekhar: And we been angry for weeks to months.. without a word

SHE: Sorry I have hurt you really sorry

Shekhar: In fact I’m not angry anymore. …no complaints. …and you also no need to say sorry

SHE: Thanku

Shekhar: Stay well and happy

SHE: You tolerated me much

Shekhar: Ok now allow me to have my dinner. …feeling very hungry

SHE: Ok Gud nt tkcr
Shekhar: Gudnyt

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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