Floating Truth


More than half of the time has been passed and still carrying the mask reluctantly on his face. Botherd much and unnecessary about society. Structures of this society have ruined his life. Life wouldn’t be so long but Young, Wild And Free. Ok, financial conditions did not allow him to live independent life but who stopped to be rich? Who said to remain poor? Study was necessary and so called image of a ‘good boy’ he has been carrying with, kept him away from real life. Financial independency is must to be free. A poor man may be free in his mind but in outer world he has to remain a slave.

Time never comes back. Gone is always gone leaving marks to regret over. Concepts of Reincarnation and Rebirth must have been created by those who had unfulfilled desires in their lives. One may consider oneself being young within but truth is body getting old and reaching towards it’s end. What after body is gone and desires are rest, unfulfilled, incomplete life isn’t it? What about those are living unhappy, with sorrows in their lives, just waiting for death?

Can one be totally free and happy? Happy forever? Happy without regretting for past, for unfulfilled desires? Answer will be philosophical, a word game, far from reality and useless. Simple question is: Can I live my 20’s again with all enthusiasm and energy, with a young body in same life?

Being free from past and future, living on present  (moment) is possible, but there is memory and hope, to make one remember past and think over future, and present is not constant at all. If there is no future then making bank balance is foolish! If past is dead then from where I came here? Moment is true and observable, but staying on it is not possible because when I come to see the present ay the moment, the moment is past, pushed me towards next, which is again a dead.

Where is me now? Where are you now? That moment, gone, and truth is floating with time, which itself is created by mind into pieces of second minute hour day ….

Truth is free, cannot be caught. Caught is memory. Now, I’m losing thoughts, is not the one has started the article with it’s first line. I’m more older than that. If he is dead, the past, current moment itself is older with older body and maybe matured brain, confused and tired, ready to die hoping rebirth.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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