19th of Feb, 2016


Most of aspiring actors come here in Mumbai thinking they would be offered lead roles in movies or in tv serials, but after spending some time here roaming around Aram Nagar, Mahada, Shriiji, they find their dreams broken. They start finding character roles in episodic tv shows and OneDay-TwoDays in daily soaps. Financial conditions and matter od survival makes them mentally fit for small characters in tv shows, amd they lose dreaming to do leads either in tv or movies.

Today I went to see a well known casting director hoping ot beg for some acting work as she does casting for many tv serials. Unfortunately I reached there in her office and she was leaving, I couldn’t even say her ‘hello’ and she left. As usual, her assistants told me to leave an audition there and if any requirement meets my looks, they would call me. I did an audition and then asked to the cameraman why I’m not getting work while I had registered myself almost one year ago, and I asked if he could suggest me something to improve my skill, but I was shocked by his reply. He said ‘work on your body, you may do leads’. ‘ Really?’ I asked, and he said ‘your facecut is good but in tv nowadays look matters, you see’. I asked ‘but I had been thinking for characters roles only’ and he said ‘Why do you think for characters only, why not for leads? And if you work for getting leads only, then you may bag characters, If you only think for characters then you’ll get what’. I thanked him for encouraging me and left the audition room with smile.

I don’t say his words were true or secrets to get into tv industry, but I decided to work on my body as well. Though I go to garden sometimes and do exercise to keep my body flexible,  but now I have to work on my muscles also, to bag some good roles. I didn’t do any shoot in two months, and this unemployment kills one’s patience, only a careless like me remains happy, but now after spending more than three years in Mumbai, I’m not there where I could be.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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