Writing In Hindi/English


See I write two blogs with same post, one is on Blogspot and other one is on WordPress. Both sites are good with their different benefits, even Blog(dot)com is also easy but I have deleted that one. I won’t judge which website is best but here I admit that my Hindi posts are generally ignored. I don’t know why but maybe, English language has broader reach than Hindi though it’s said that Hindi is second most spoken language in the globe after Mandarin or Chinese but both languages are used mostly in their countries only and even in India, educated people prefer English to communicate rather than their regional languages. It’s another but important fact that most of English speaking population of India doesn’t know English properly and they just use this language because it’s in fashion and working language also they pretend to be modern and educated.

I’m not one to compare languages. I’m not attached emotionally to any language. All languages are same just medium to communicate with people. I started learning Spanish as well but left after finding no one to talk with.

For me, as I’m born, raised and educated in Hindi belt, Hindi is my mothertongue while I learnt speaking English after completing my post graduation and I’m still a learner. I can express my thoughts and feelings easily in Hindi, English is still difficult. Another fact is that my family roots are from Maharashtra and I don’t know Marathi, eeeeepp!! But I will write in both Hindi & English too. If I find English is not able to convey my thoughts and feelings then only I do write in Hindi. What I write in English maybe sometimes what I didn’t want to say or with a bit different meaning, but that doesn’t matter if I’m released and relaxed after putting all in words.

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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