You Need Real Living Eyes To See The Reality


The character, a popular student leader, influenced with left wing political ideologies, passed out from college years ago but still having interference in campus politics, is a socialist – communist revolutionary believes to aware people and make them ready to fight against capitalist economic system. He believes that problems of human society can not be solved by showing them on screens and getting sympathies from world but through work for it, and for that we must be involved with social issues. He comes to that a film unit is in their area for making a film over poor people, he kidnaps the director of the film, and says ‘to change the system we have to make people aware, gather students and use weapons if needed’ he then asks the director that his producer’s dreams of making film over his people, getting awards will not come true, because ‘reality can not be seen in camera but through real living eyes only’ and he says that is what the reality he is going to show them now, and he asks his ally to to put a tape on director’s mouth so that he can not shout, and he leave from the room.

Artist: Shraddhanshu Shekhar as communist student leader

Cameraman: Himanshu Sharma

Camera (Mobile): Nokia Lumia

Date: 10th of February, 2016

YouTube audition Link: 16th of February,  2016

Shraddhanshu Shekhar


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