What Not To Do

I was at Prithvi House yesterday, watching a play. It was their premier and  looked like they did good publicity for the show. One of the three casts is well known senior actor, and two others were not beginners too.

Play starts with music. The old senior actor gets up from his chair and carefully comes on stage, picks up a tie with it’s knot which was lying down there, gives a look for a moment at the tie, blows off imaginary dusts from it, and hangs on a hanger in the corner.

Senior actor was around 50, a well known theatre personality in Mumbai. He did very dramatic act entire in the play, proves he has been doing theatre for years and still his act was traditional in his voice, dialogue delivery, and even in body language. Two other actors were unnecessarily hesitants, I don’t know why. It was not required to be hesitant while they needed to be shy or scared. Each movement was predictable and already known. The act they were doing has been being done in theatre for years. It’s fake acting.

When one acts, either we know the story or not, we have seen the play or not, but each movement must be new. It’s possible and done only when mind does act and body follows the order. Actor himself should not know what he is going to do next but must be in his subconscious, only then each act, each word, and every movement is new, then punches comes out with their real meanings and comedy seems real. Acting is not copying.

Traditional theatre act has lost real act. Theatre actors are unnecessarily loud with their expressions, their voice is loud, and movement in their body happens unnatural.

Yesterday in the play, old one actor snaps his finger and and pendant lits up, but jerk on his wrist was dramatic, unnatural, unrealistic, and looked bad.

What I came to know after watching the play yesterday is, what should not be done when act, and how to be natural while act.

The actor yesterday did that type of act maybe because he was playing a character of a man died in his 50s, ahd been doing theatre for entire his life, so character’s body language could be so. He can make such excuses, but one of two younger actors who was playing another died man at his 26, was too mechanized, confused with his emotions and expressions, he did not know Ashcharya, Fear, Sankoch, are different.

This play taught me much about acting.


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