Does Magic Really Work?

Watchmen was inside the gate, sitting on his chair, killing his time, quiet and dying with his loneliness. I asked him ‘Sir, 5/6?’ He stared at me and my friend, ‘why?’ He asked. My friend replied ‘we just want to know if casting is going on there’, ‘nothing is going on, everyone is out for shoot’ watchmen rudely said. ‘Can we take phone number pls?’ My friend asked politely but watchmen getting angry said ‘I can’t let you go there, take number from somewhere else I don’t know, go!’ ‘Pls sir let us take their office’s number so that we can call them for casting in future’ I requested him but he started almost shouting on us ‘why? Who are you? They told me not to let anyone go inside in their office….’ I couldn’t control on myself and ignoring his sentence I replied ‘ok ok, calm down, no need to be angry sir, …I’m an human being and that’s enough for me to meet them’ and I headed towards the office door, my friend followed me.

There was nobody in casting. Someone there said no casting is going on right now. We took number of their office, and left.

This is what happens with me and other actors in their everyday life. Arguing with watchmen, taking numbers, following up for months, visiting production houses and studios looking for work and auditins, …does magic really happens? Rajinikant, Rajkumar, Mahmoud, were they discovered by luck? Was that planned or coincidence they met right person on right time? When this sort of coincidence is going to happen with me?

Those who are ruling the industry are human being, and everyone of them is not so talented. Few established actors are really talented, people appreciate them, but all those actors have become celebrity are not good actors. It seems they are on their position by luck.

Law says if you are thankless after getting success through magic, magic works against you. But question is still there, does magic really happens? And if it’s true, then when it will happen with me?


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