Truth Covered Under Beautiful Words

The reason governments around the world say that soldiers are “fighting for the flag” is because it sounds way better than the truth: which is that they are fighting for bureaucrats and politicians.
Now let’s face it, most politicians are assholes. So really, if we are honest, we would tell the troops: “hey, come fight and die for assholes”. But that doesn’t sound good …so we make up this thing about a flag…which really doesn’t make much sense either because it’s a piece of cloth.
~ Bruce Fenton

(The passage was just copied and pasted here from Bruce Fenton’s Facebook page)

I said to my friend “I just want a healthy body and enough money/wealth, rest I will buy what I need. My friend laughed and said “Man, You said the truth”.

See, truth is generally, deliberately hidden or coverd under beautiful words and public (not all the public but the sheeple) are kept fooled by making such sweet sounding words rather than works by their servants in parliament, priests in worship-buildings, and thugs in bazaars.

How beautifully one can make fool to others has more possibility to be successful in his field, because sheeple want entertainment, mental relaxation, feeling of security and assurance for future. Sheeple want to sleep, forever, but Shepherds run this world and Wolves change the world.

I know how to speak good. Once, when I was in class 11th, I used to go 7 kilometres far to pay electricity bill. I was in Que, and an old man was trying to come forward breaking the que. I helped and let him paid his bill before me. Other people qued there took an objection and start arguing with me. I started proffessing how to support and respect our elders, our parents, that we all are going to be old one day and we should keep this in our mind, so we must help elders, etc. I spoke there for at least 3 minutes continue and found everything there was quiet, listening me. Though I had paid my electricity bill already, I stayed there for the speech, and people arguing with me were convinced. I suddenly created my positive image within few minuts using some ‘good’ words, hence they were still in que.


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