Can’t Be Polite With Egoists!

I met an NSDian at a friend’s house yesterday. It was the first time I had a discussion with an NSD pass out actor in my life. He had first introduced himself as an NSD passed out, best actor, old, senior actor, has done many tv serials in negative roles and did some movies, also he told us that he had to leave some movies too, etc. He told us that he was called ‘snake’ and ‘cheetah’ in NSD, because of behaviour. All what he was nothing but an Ego who wanted us to show respect him because he is an NSD passed out, has a long experience of theatre and acting, worked with many renowned theatre personalities.

We were doing a reading of a script at a friend’s house. Friend had given him charge to direct the play we are supposed to do on 9th of March, 2016. We didn’t know he would be our director for the play. Duringthe script reading, he heard wrong pronunciation of a word by one of my co-actor and then he started to teach him why it’s necessary to speak proper word. After few minutes other co-actor added ‘yaar’ word in his lines which was not in script and the NSDian said him not to add another word. Actor said he had just added the word ‘yaar’ in flow and the NSDian started to teach him mentioning NDS and they were taught so snd so, etc. The Actor said ‘this is why I didn’t go to NSD’ and since then the debate had begun, but under control.

When my turn comes, he said me to use punctuation mark properly. I just asked him how to speak the dialogue using that exclamation mark. He tried to dominate me with his NSDian image but I asked him how to say the dialogue, he did and and I continued the reading. After few minutes he again tried to dominate other actor, and faced reaction. I interrupted and trying to ease the situation saying him shouldn’t have topped the reading to teach us, rather we could discuss after. He said me ‘you are brat, you’ll go too high’ in satirical way trying to dominate me. I wanted to tell him something and he, before competing my sentence, said ‘ok ok I got it, got it’, I asked in my satirical way,

‘Sir, how could you understand while I didn’t say you? Really you are an Antaryami (person who know what other person has in his mind).’

The NSDian took me and an actor insulating him. He then started to telling us to drop Ego (?) while he himself was a symbol of Ego there, and used Shiva’s statue crushing Ego. I said,

‘I’m not a Hindu and I don’t know much about hindu mythology’.
He asked me, ‘aren’t you a hindu?’
‘No’ I said.
He asked me, ‘which religion you belong to? Are you a Muslim?’
I had been shivering by anger, ‘why do you want to know my religion?’
He then asked me my name, I said Shraddhanshu Shekhar. ‘It’s hindi name!’ He said.
‘Yes’ I replied ‘and you guessing my religion through my name? Then you must be thinking Changez Khan was a Muslim and JNU student Umar Khalid, arrested for Anti-National slogans, is a Muslim?’

The NSDian person couldn’t pronunciate my name properly. I had to teach him ‘Shraddha’ + ‘Anshu’ to pronounce my name, hence he said himself taking pronunciation classes and charges much.

Let’s see, I maybe fired from the team supposed to perform on 9th of March, 2016 in Aurangabad. See, I still have no problem with anybody. I just want equality in group among all participants and the director would be only person to direct but should not give speeches over himself. I’m not interested to know about their past, their life, at first meeting. Also I wish people to recognize me as person beyond religion, sect, nationality, caste, language etc.

It was good how I behaved with him yesterday. I found out myself. I’m not ine to please everyone with smile. I’m now becoming a Free Man.


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