Not Happy Before Show

So we are supposed to perform two shows today and we have reached here in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. I have taken bath, got ready and going to take a nap now because it’s early morning. I’m not really ready for the performance. I want movies and continuity acting work in tv serials. I’m fed up such sorts of small shows with unprofessional groups, working/doing act as labourers, gaining no name no fame no money. Really, I see myself not on a wrong path but too slow moving towards my goal. Being a celebrity is more important than being just a performer. All celebrities are not good actors but I don’t know how they’ve become known and reached at celebrity level. Don’t know what’s going to happen with life; but can guess through where is me, and future looks not good.

Na I’m not sad. I’m just worried. Worried about my future and life. I’m not interested to do such sorts of shows anymore. My carrier needs a kick. I request all my friends to keep me in their prayers though I’m an atheist believing in Love, but I know prayer works if it’s from heart, faith in god doesn’t matter.

Let’s see what happens. Almost all of my friends are working in tv and movies, not me. I’m not jealous of them but yes I also want me to be working. My elder brother, I’m living with his family, is getting worried day by day about me.

See, movies are being made, tv serials are also going on, but I’m not there in. Time comes for everyone, don’t know when my time will come. Really I’m not happy and this may cause bad on today’s show.


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