Ek Tokri Bhar Maati (Play)

I’m back from Aurangabad this morning. Show was so so. As I said I didn’t like to work in that sorts of play and that may cause bad to the show but I got appreciation for my performance. The audience was not audience of theatre and whatever we would do they had to like it. They were employees of BHEL and event was to entertainment them. People after show came to meet and greeted us all for aur performances.

It was my first time I worked with AVITOKO, though my other friends have been associated with Vibha Rani and her theatre activities.

Media did mistakes not only to understand the theme of the play but also publishing headlines, you may see in paper cuttings photos here.


Story revolves around old, poor Kaaki who is living with her teenage granddaughter Dulari in his small hut which is in front of Saheb’s haweli. Saheb wants Kaaki’s hut removed so that he may get the land, but at last his mind got changed dramatically and he assures Kaaki to stay in her hut peacefully with het granddaughter Dulari. This is the end story leads us but the play has another end too which is more contemporary. Saheb orders is goons ti destroy Kaaki’s hut but they support Kaaki to beat Saheb. And this is how drama shows two ends, one is idealistic while other is realistic.


Banner: Avitoko
Name: Ek Tokri Bhar Maati
Writer/story: Madhav Rao Saprey
Dramatization: Kishor
Director: Nirmal Kant

Artists and their Characters:
Vibha Rani: Kaaki
Bhaskaranand Jha: Villager and Goon of Saheb
Vinay Kumar: Villager and Goon of Saheb
Sakshi Mishra: Dulari, teenage Granddaughter of Kaaki
Shraddhanahu Shekhar: Saheb/ Villain


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