Money Nourishes Love & Life


He has reached second half of his life and yet his carrier has not been started well. No house, no money, no car, financially dependent life on which nobody can be proud of.

At this stage, having no house, no car, no money, he has fallen in Love again. The girl he Loves also Loves him but there are some social and economic conditions keep them both apart. He knows his friend also Loves the same girl, and she has rejected his friend’s proposal. So here now he sees an opportunity for him. Still waiting for the right time, but right time will be only when he has enough money to survive with her. He knows that money only may bring him fortune to be with his Love. Leaving those Idealists behind who think ‘money matters not’ he sees the world with it’s reality. Either he believes or not, either he accept or not, economic world is running the globe and he cannot escape from here. He has to Live here in Society.

A person who is poor, financially broke, having no house, no money, no secured future, may though Love a girl but cannot marry her. Mohammad Saheb has said (I have forgot where) that ‘a poor person who can not feed his wife should not marry’. Na, he is not Muslim, he doesn’t follow Mohammad, but the legend has said what he thinks now.

It’s not that he has never been in Love before, but every time he had no money. He has been ignoring money. He used to think that money will follow him but now at this age, he realizes that if he had understood importance of money in early age of his life, he would have been enjoying his life. Life is nothing without Love but without Money may not be nourished.


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