It was another day has been passed with no achievement. People did what they woken up for and going to sleep soon. He too, will sleep very soon. He wonders about himself how could he been sleeping for years having no achievements, no glorious life? If one is born, he has to live till his death comes and takes him away from all his belongings he has gathered in his life. ‘What I have collected in my life? Did I gathered something? Do I have attachments with something or someone?’ He tried to understand if he did any mistake.

Someone has said ‘Life is a death sentence’ and he finds it true. What he is doing is nothing but waiting for his death. He doesn’t see any purpose of his life, yes of course there is reason  (or reasons) behind his birth but ‘Did I really wanted this life? To whom did I ask for this life? When?’ He asked himself.

Death is not an incident happens in a moment, neither Birth is. There is no Beginning & End, no First & Last point. Both of the points said are actually  process happen in different manner but similar in their ways. Birth takes a long time to occur and same is with Death.

He was born once and never died so far. Biologically he is alive and thus we have to accept him as a living being. We can’t say everyone who is a living being, is alive too. Most of sheeple are actually either slaves or zombies. He is not part of sheeple, he ain’t a zombie. He is ‘in middle of two possesses’ which itself is a process moving towards the next one.

‘I never wanted this Life. It’s not the life I wanted to Live’ he mumbles and his face became stiff. He is sad. His sadness shows on his face. He looks younger than his real age but he is constantly moving to the next process, the next point, reluctantly, gradually, continuously and unwillingly. Either he wants or not, he has to be part of the process. He can’t escape from the Line. Oh it has made him more sad.

He feels he has no control over his Life. It this Destiny? ‘Na! If it can’t be changed then I don’t need it’ wrinkles on his forehead. ‘I would like to be destinyless person who exists by himself, no matter what reason might have behind my birth, I’m what I’m and I don’t need to be what they want me to be’ determined!

‘They want me to be part of their economic-political-religious-cultural society and then they will enslave me playing with my emotions and thoughts.’
He feels alone. If he is not part of society which is made-governed-ruled-corrupted and destroyed by some people, then is it his destiny to feel alienated from this society? ‘Am I cursed to be so? Cant I live and exist as I’m? Who has cursed me? When and Why?’ These questions are ‘Word Traps’ leading one to worship imaginary characters/friend/enemy. Wisdom is to be free from words, to know hidden meanings, understanding the essence.

Earning money can solve most of problems related to worldly affairs. All emotional-spiritual and human relationships are also affected by how much one is earning money. Being rich is considered by how much money, wealth one has. If he is not earning money, he is an unsuccessful person. All his education, thoughts, words are considered useless because he is not a rich man. If he was rich, having wealth, he could be respected and considerd a successful man. He is not greedy, he has no attachment with wordly things, all what he wants is to remove this tag of ‘unsuccessful’ from his forehead.


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