My Hiccups And Worries 2

So the news is, someone has hit my aunt with his scooty. My aunt is injured and thus my cousin sent me SMS last night (which I saw today morning).

I don’t know the hiccups I had were because of my cousin. I also don’t know he was missing me or someone else (a girl). I can not say hiccups are sign that someone is missing you. A poet (I forgot his name) says, hiccups know who is missing you:

Do javaan dilo ka Gham, duriyan samajhti hai,
kaun yaad karta hai, hichkiyan samajhti hai..

(Distance understands the pain of two loving hearts, Hiccups know whi is missing to whom)

Another poet says, ‘don’t miss me so much, I’m fed up of these hiccups’.

(Yaad itna na kiya karo mujhe,
hichkiyan le le kar meri jaan pe ban aayi hai….)

Wasi Shah says, ‘I had hiccups till late night, and then you fallen asleep’.

( Shaam k pichale pehar tak, Main leita raha hichkiyan,
Aur phir so gae tum)


Yeh Jo Hichkiyan Musalsal Mujhe Aa Rahi Hain Aaj,
Koi Le Raha Hai Shayad Mera Naam Chupke Chupke..

(I’m having non-stop hiccups today, someone must be missing me quietly)

So hiccups are considered sign of missing someone and in romantic/sad poetry it’s used beautifully.

Hiccups are because of some reasons related to gas, breathing, food, etc. I don’t know proper reason behind it. Ok, some people believe in telepathy, but I don’t see it in everyday life with everyone. I’m not superstitious.


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