My Hiccups And Worries 1

Last night I had hiccups for more than one and half hour, and I saw an SMS today morning by one of my cousins that his mother (my aunt) got an accident.

In 2012 I had hiccups much more than two hours, that time I was an assistant director of Muzammil Desai in Balaji Telefilm. It was a night shift shoot and I couldn’t stop my hiccups in early morning. And about at 6 am I received call from my Mom that my second elder brother’s wife was no more. She died between 3 – 4 am when I had much hiccups that night. My sister in law was seven months pregnant.

Last night when I got nonstop hiccups for more than one and half hours, I received that SMS by my cousin (23:25:36, @ 21th of March, 2016). And I’m worried now there must be really something bad news is about to happen.

Today when I started writing, again I’m having hiccups since 6:20am (almost), and I can’t stop it. I’m still having continues hiccups.

I don’t know what to call it, a superstition or just my realization. I don’t remember I ever had so much hiccups in my life, apart from these two incidents mentioned above.

I have to go to Lokhandwala Garden for exercise, Yuanji and Tai Chi, but I’m righting here. I find ut more necessary that getting prepared for going to garden. I haveto share this experience because it challenges my beliefs, my scientific way of thinking, it challenge to causation theory I believe in.

Hiccups are rare for me. It’s second time I’m having so much hiccups. I don’t want to be superstitious. I don’t believein anything which is not fit in causation theory. If I don’t see (if I dont have idea) any cause-act-result chain, my mind doesn’t accept the thing. These hiccups are making me worried about my aunt now, though I was thinking last night who could be missing me so much.

If one is having so much hiccups, that is considered that someone is missing him much. It reminds me Wasi Shah’s lines:

Raat Ke Teesre Pahar Tak Leita Raha Main Hichkiyaan,
Aur Phir, So Gaye Tum..

(I had hiccups late night, then got asleep)

Now is 6:55am and I have to go to Lokhandwala Garden for exercises. I’m still having hiccups started at 6:20am (around). I’m not superstitious, I don’t want to be superstitious man. What to do, I don’t know. It’s much early morning to call someone.


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