I’m not superstitious! I believe I’m not superstitious. I don’t care if black cat crosses my path, I think she is in hest. If someone sneezes on my left or front, something must have stuck in his nose. I may get my hair cut even in Saturday or Thursday also. I cut my nails in night as well. I don’t hesitate to comb my hair in night. I don’t worship deads, I avoid bowing down before mythological characters, I don’t were amulets, no muscots on my body, no rings in my fingers, etc. I don’t observe any fast on any day or for any god/goddess though I used to observe fasts on Sundays (no eating drinking from 6am to 6pm), but I left these fasts after completing one year. I had left combs for one year also but all these were when I was in schools.

I had strong faith & interest in astrology (especially in numerology, palmistry and kundali), but lost interest after 2005. Problem is I’m still believe in numerology I see. I’m very much worried about numbers 8. I avoid 8, 17 and 26. I have observed if I start a project on these dates, that ends with sadness. 8 number helps initially but leaves unsuccessful at the end. E.g. In an interclass games competition in Qaleem Sir’s class for B. Com. class, I was 8th. I successfully passed half of the competition but lost the game. Another example is when we were doing street plays on behalf of Zila Healt Department in villages of Balaghat. Tour started from 26th of April and ended on 26th of May (2003). My father died on 26th of January (2008), mother died on 25th of March 2013 (It was her death anniversary today). Tomorrow is 26th again.

I used to make plans according to Choughadia muhurts. I was very much observant of moon’s positions and Nakshatras. I would understand effects of all these planets on my life and behaviours. I would see if these Raashis and zodiacs makes something for our relationships with friends and family. Palmistry and Samudrika were also interesting subjects for me. I chanted mantras for minutes to hours. It was a journy to observe, to examine, to analyse myself and I think I’m not done. I’m still considering for 8. I took Dao on 13th of this month, though it was not intentionally, it was not planned but it’s on 13th which is ok, not a 8, but numerology says to avoid it too. Ah!

So I’m still superstitious, not for Choughadia, not for days, not for raashi or moons but for numerology. It means I’m still on the way.


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