HUI is one of my Chinese friends teaching me Yuanji & Tai Chi in Lokhandwala Garden every morning. Chi Chi teaches me Tai Chi just as exercise and meditation not for fighting. Once Chi Chi and Melody were absent and Hui was taking my class. She taught me two hours that day and she was explaining each movemonts and meanings and also reasons behind that. I asked ‘Are we doing Tai Chi to prepare for fighting?’

‘No, but you should know why we are doing these movements’ she replied. ‘Indians are said to be nice but every Indian is not nice’ she added.

‘Yes you are right’ I agreed with her.

‘That day I came from airport alone, in night, after seeing off to the master’ she said, ‘We must be prepared if anything bad happens.’

‘What if someone stronger and taller attacks on you’ I just asked to know if she praises her skills.

‘I would run!’ She answered with miming. I laughed at her action and answer, she said ‘Yes, because fighting is not important. Important is safety.’ She said with smile and I had to stop laughing.

We are taught in Indian culture that if you don’t fight then you are considered a coward! but Hui impressed me with her answer. I couldn’t expect such sort of answer from anyone. Normally people would replay ‘I would fight till my death!’ Or, ‘I’m not a coward!’ just showing fake courage to people. We are told that some castes are warrior castes but in reality we see everyone belonging to those castes are not brave hence other non-warrior castes also have glorious pasts of bravery in indian history.

Hui’s answer taught me three things:
1) Fighting is not necessary (she used ‘important’ instead of ‘necessary’,
2) Safety is important, and
3) Accept what the reality you have to face.

The 3rd point she didn’t say. She accepts that she is short, and if someone stronger & taller person attacks on her, she has to run away. She is aware about her strengths and weakness and she knows how to use it.

She is now in New Delhi. Her Tai Chi style is different from Chi Chi and Molofy because she learned from different master. Chi Chi does good Tai Chi but Hui explained me movements also. Hui once said me ‘You think much’ she was upset over my questions about Dao ‘You didn’t even read the book (a book I was given by their master when I took Dao on 13th of March) completely and ask questions to us!’ She was really irritated. She didn’t talk with me much because of her poor English (mine is not good also). I feel that great understanding she has.


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