‘They rule over entire the world from centre of their heart’ Sardar Purn Singh says in ‘Sachchi Veerata’. When Martin Luther was threatened by pope because he rejected to sell tickets for heaven. He couraged to not only to oppose pope’s order but to fight against him. I wonder how difficult it would had been that time since there were no electronic and social media to carry people’s voice to administrators. King and groups of elite couldn’t dare to go against the pope and this priest of a small church raised his voice over pope’s order. Salute him!

This is, you may say, kind of spiritual power what they had. MK Gandhi, who couldn’t say even a word before judge on his first hearing, fought for people of this south Asian subcontinent and he was a devout Hindu. But Ambedkar was a great scholar, Bhagat Singh and this Kanhaiya, these are examples of brave men who were non religious, non spiritual and governed by thoughts. They had great control over their emotions. Bhagat Singh was aware of Love, Ambedkar lost his children but continued worked for people. Fatma Bi and Savitri ji may have had faced a tough resistance and insults from fundamentalists, orthodox Brahmins of that time. How could they have controlled their emotions! How they stayed doing good for people! They were not considered religious or having any spiritual faith. From where they would collect that power or strength to fight against all evils?

For an atheist, like me, finding shelter in holy book is not easy. He would rather question over so called holy books and their contradictory words. Bhagat Singh also had same thoughts. These Chinese friends are here to spread their faith “Dao”, which also doesn’t satisfy me when they put a God as a supreme or absolute one. I don’t find any religious group or sect where I can rest my intellect. Those, who are religious, can easily find the place from where they receive strength or power to fight against something. Thise terrorists must be having strong faith on their books, in their ideologies of separate nations, or there must be a great devotion for their people working behind their aggressiveness.

I neither have any holy book, nor any symbol, nor mantra to chant, nor any political ideology which may lead me to somewhere. Ok, ‘Dian Chuan Shi’ gave me three treasures (holy gate or meditation point, seal and mantra). I find no conflict with it. I should use these for my inner discipline. I don’t know if any magic can happen by those ‘treasures’ (joking). Bob Marley sings ‘anything can happen’ in “so much trouble in the world.”

Either it was Hitler or Eidi Amin, or Krishnamurti, Mahavira, ..or else who had rocked the world by their presence, weren’t they staying firmly on centre of heart? Their presence on earth will be remembered by any means, but weren’t they sorts of ‘Shakti Punj’ (seat of power or energy) in themselves? And if everyone is having same energy, same matter, then why I’m behaving so poorly to achieve my worldly goals? I doubt on myself! I doubt, I’m having right knowledge! If my knowledge is right then I must be fortunate, fateful, prosperous person but the reality of this world says, ‘You are poor! You don’t have own house! You are financially depending on your elder brother! You don’t have girlfriend! You are just 5’7″ average looking grown unsuccessful man! You are not good in communication! You are not good in getting work! You are not a good actor! …’ And the list may go on further.

Where is the Lotus? Where is its centre? 28 C temperature in Mumbai, 23:14 in night. I’m alone with all my confusions and questions. No fortune or fate I see for me. I was born on earth planet but it was divided into some political lines. I was born into human species but it was categorized by religions, castes and financial status. I was not born in financial social religious categorized human species. It was not my fault they had already had done their work before my birth. If this world seems not for me, I have to stay inside of my Lotus! Where is that? Sardar Purn Singh has given me some hints ♡


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