I got a call for a shoot yesterday night. It was after 3 months I went for a shoot although I had to leave two other shoots recent months. Today I woke up early morning and left for Kandivali East (Basra Studio). It was of tv serial shoot for DD National. I was not so happy because it was not all by my pure efforts. Though, I had given an audition in their production house few days ago but I some ‘outer causes’ were working behind the shoot.

I woke up at 05:30 am and left for the studio at 06:19am. Stomach was not empty because I’m not habitual to get fresh at so early. When I reached at Kandivali Station West, I started searching next bus stop for the studio and ‘Public Loo’ also. Someone there brushing his teeth on road, suggested me to cross Public Bridge and get Sharing Auto Rickshaw for the venue. I asked him for nearest Public Loo as well, and he allowed me to use General Toilet of their building. I got fresh, thanked to them and then I headed to East through Public Bridge. Finally I reached there one hour before my Call Time.

Shoot was done. Experience was good. My act was so so (according to me and others) and because it was comic character in comedy show for kidz, I had to play in very exaggerated way. Main characters were also doing the same, exaggerated and non-realistic. I found it very close to Notanki Shaily.

Most of the time there on set I had been chanting Dao’s mantra inside my mind, not because of any fear but to stay away from anxieties.

I didn’t read full script and yes, I didn’t find it necessary if director is giving you lines then what need to mug up lines? Na! For tv serials, you don’t need to work much on your skills. Here ‘look’ matters first, acting is secondary, forget (forgive) the talent. If one is fit for the character by look means almost half of act is done. If the artist can give basic reactions and having clear pronunciation that is more than good. Director will get him act anyhow.

According to them, I’m always not fit for lead characters. I’m 5’7″, average built, normal lower middle class looking man. They are not wrong, neither I. I asked a casting director (she does in-house casting for a tv serial production house) if I can be considered for not leading characters but at least for continuity character? She honestly said I have less possibility from her production house. Even, sometimes ‘contacts’ doesn’t work.

I don’t know how this industry works. I don’t know what is the right and proper way to get into this industry, to be an established and known actor here. I’m not looking for any answer but a loophole through which I may enter inside orbits. I really wonder and sometimes regret, how these three and a half years have been finished and I’m still like a beginner! See, acting is not so difficult as finding work in acting is. After few weeks doing continue act on camera, anybody can perform well on tv. I generally don’t follow up casting directors and coordinators. Blandishment is not my cup of tea. Acting job is good if it’s just for act but here one has to be clever to bag works continually. Really, it’s difficult. Still, should I dream for being a celebrity? Of course YES!


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