Day before yesterday when I was returning from the shoot, one of my co-actor also returning to his place. He was assuring me that I would get bus to Andheri West from highway so I went along with him. He kept saying me ‘you don’t worry, you are with me, I’ll get you bus for Andheri, don’t worry’. I was not worried because I knew how I got there for shoot at the studio in early morning. And my mind was not assured by him. Somewhere in my mind someone was saying me ‘this guy is cheap and clever too’ still I went along with him to the bus stop at highway. I didn’t ignore my inner voice but I thought maybe I would really get any direct bus from there.

After reaching there at bus stop I found no direct bus from there to Andheri or Infinity Mall (of Andheri). He got his bus and left. I was standing there at the bus stop like astonished. He brought me to the bus stop just to company him! I had told him I would take sharing Auto Rickshaw but he convinced me to walk with him to the bus stop from where he got his bus and mine was not listed there! Oh! It was cheating!

I went back to Auto Rickshaw stand and took a sharing rickshaw for public bridge, reached on west side of Kandivali and got my bus in a signal.

Again proved, one should follow what the inner voice is saying. Maybe there are better options which one doesn’t know but still one should trust on oneself only. Ok, we should give a try to new options available there, but that should be by self and not driven/influenced by others.

I won’t say to not look outside of our limitations. Yes, we have limitations of our informations, limitations of our knowledge, limitations of ways to think over any topic or problem. We should promote innovations and give a try to new things, new ways but the ‘discovery’ of anything should by intuition. Of course the intuition could be generated by outer source but the ‘driver’ or ‘mover’ must be inside.

I remember Babu’s dialogue in movie ‘Road’, he says to heroin ‘Think! (for yourself), otherwise, if someone else will start to think about you, and if someone else starts thinking about you, you feel uncomfortable.’



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