I used to read Osho in my school days. Later, through Osho, I came to know about Gurdgeff, Paltu, Dadu, and many saints. I was under Osho’s influences those days. I liked Osho’s thoughts, his way of preaching, stories and how he used to describe topics. Gradually I started feeling irritation by his long speeches over small issues and one day I had burnt all his magazines and books. I reached Jabalpur to complete M.Phil. in philosophy. There, I found Jiddu Krishnamurti in Gandhi Library near Lord Ganj Thana. Jiddu was so boring and difficult to understand that I hardly could turned few pages and returned the book. Later, when I was in New Delhi, in 2010, I bought ‘The First And Last Freedom’ and this time Jiddu was so easy for me that I understood his thinking by reading almost 60% of that book. I was infected by JK this time and Osho’s bacterias were still alive within me. Again through Osho I came to know about UG, the Barking Dog! He satisfied my intellect which found Osho unnecessarily talking mind and JK as purest mind couldn’t dare to speak aloud.

My mind respects same to Osho, JK & UG. Osho has attracting way to explain and convince while Jiddu speaks his mind softly. He doesn’t talk unnecessary and never tries to lure people. UG, totally against and criticises to both, Osho and Jiddu.

Osho respects Jiddu and criticises UG. Osho also accepts that he taught the same what Jiduu used to teach but in an attractive way. Jiddu neither criticises nor praises anyone. He even detached himself from Theosophical Society and rejected label of Buddha from his forehead. UG, this guy actually completes both Osho and JK for me. Jiddu satisfies my intellect 60% and Osho satisfies 25%, then 5% contribution is there by UG. And without UG, Osho ans Jiddu are incomplete for me.

If I’m asked to compare this era with 6th century BC (as Osho used to compare), Osho would be Buddha for me while Jiddi Kishnamurti is like Mahavira and UG Krishnamurti represents Makkhali Ghoshal. I don’t know whom I should see as Ajit Keskambalin in contemporary India.

I have left reading all threes. I have understood them all. I don’t find anything new in them now. Their words might be new to me but ai have understood their thinking. Balendu Goswami is another person I find suitable in this chain of enlightened freemen of India.

Rest, Four Noble Truths and Sartre’ Existentialism is enough for me.

I don’t follow Osho, Jiddu or UG or any other person as my Guru. I don’t follow any holy book. My religion is simple. I believe in Love, Equality, Justice and Peace. I practice Love, Equality, Justice and Peace in my daily life. I know Energy and Matter are there. Dao or Nature is everywhere and within me as well. I admit I have not discovered all, and my knowledge is my boundary. And my discoveries are still in process. I accept that all information I receive through my senses might be corrupted and not pure. I confess that I get defeated by my mind in everyday life and I’m not master of my mind, but I’m still trying to pet this wild beast. Neither UG nor Jiddu nor Osho, nor Buddha Mahavira can help me to be master of my own. Only ME can help myself to be master of ME.

And I prefer to do all this and everything with Love. I wrote this article with pain and sorrow in my heart. When I will start writing walking speaking eating seeing listening and everything with Love, I will be an enlightened one then.

Life is here inside, and there outside is also Life.


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