Wrecked Buddha!


I was on shoot yesterday. One make-up man beat a spot boy over some issues. Dressman beat his assistant for some reasons. Dressman’s assistant was about 50 and dressman was under 50.

People fight with each other. They like or dislike someone by their behaviour and the way how one speaks to them. I speak less and avoid to be part of group discussion where one praises himself or criticises to other. I didn’t appreciate makeup man because he beat that spot boy. I didn’t try to save that oldage assistant of the dressman. The dressman kept abusing to his assistant whole day.

It’s sort of passive politics I did there. On other hand I can say ‘I was not there to involve in their fightings. That’s not my job. I was there to do my work and that is what I was concentrating for’ : cheap way to escape from my moral duty.

For being good one has to break social rules, sometimes but more important thing is ‘we need courage to be good, to follow our heart, to carry our Buddha nature.’ Anyone can not be good just by being ‘passive, helpless, witnessing’ about incidents happening around him. I came to know about those fightings on shoot and I was not involved to calm both sides to down (or provoke them) it means I was dead. Everybody there was dead who had been watching. If one could help to get them peace, that would be buddha for the incident. But most of the times our view over such type of matter is ‘It’s their matter! Let them solve themselves. Why should I involve with them!’ :This was the way when Siddharth left his home. He found people wouldn’t listen him, but later when he became buddha, he acquired power to solve such sorts of issues.

Well, I did my shoot. Director didn’t appreciate me but other co-actors and make-up men appreciated my act. Other members of the unit treated me with respect. I tried to be humble and thankful to all without blandishment. It was 3rd day of my shoot for the same tv show. I took these all shoots as my training not work but Buddha was missing or sleeping or wrecked!


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