I have deactivated my Facebook for few days. My birth date is coming and I don’t want to receive birthday wishes through facebook. Only people remember my birthday should greet me on whatsapp or call or sms. I dislike temporary so called well wishers!

Another view on birthday is, it’s the day I caused pain to my mom and so the day I should remember observing penance and thanking to my mom.

Also, my birthday is the day which reminds me that I’m getting old and approaching to my death. It’s not a day to celebrate. I don’t want to celebrate this day. I want my birthday should be removed from Calenders.

I may seem pessimist but the truth is I’m realist on this matter. 19th of April is just an another day and it never brings any sort of Good Luck for me.

My family members, especially my father, eldest sister, elder brothers, all proved wrong! Their predictions about me through numerology have been wrong! All what they would consider about me, proved wrong! They used to think me very successful and famous person, but I’m what after spending half of my life is not hidden.

Number 19 and 1 couldn’t make one celebrating fame and having fame. Who said Lord Helios represents me was wrong! My personality is too simple and not kingly as they used to describe me when I was young. I’m a layman, who is not happy with his birth, is suffering from worldly affairs and poverty. 7 is my lucky number they say. Palmistry also couldn’t not help them to prove their words right.

I can be happy to see them being defeated. I’m can be happy to find me unsuccessful because they thought me be successful man and so they are wrong and it’s my victory over general views. In ‘The Last Castle’ Yets says to Irwin, ‘Knowing you. You’d off yourself just to win the bet’.

I don’t know why I’m still alive. I remember when I was coming back to Balaghat from Gwarighat in 2005, I had only a week to live but I’m still here. They have lost hope about me. I have now become an example for them who discourage their children to study more! I’ve became an example for them who teach their children to be devotees of any deity. I’m an example of educated unemployed person who is unsuccessful because he is an atheist and anarchist of his own way. People also may say I’m being punished by god because I don’t believe in him/her/it. They say ‘god bless you, have faith in god, etc.’ I’m fed up of all that.

It’s Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary today at 14th of April. He was also born in a poor family belonged to community considered untouchable that time. He was the man who conquered his time without violence, without spreading hate. The very next day of my birthday (20th of April) it’s birth anniversary of my mother. Same day Adolf Hitler was born.

The truth I came to know is that every successful and impressive person is not born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any any month. My life has proved that 1 number is not guarantee of being successful or having impressive confident personality. Anybody born on 8, 17 or 26 is not enemy of me. People born on 7, 16 and 25 are not sure being my friends. Calender and watch were made to help dividing time so that we can make our life easy. Buddha, according to new Gregorian Calendar, was born on 6th. According to hindi calender, Poet Kalidasa and me were born on 11th of Krishn Paksh but different months, and its said that people born on 11th of any Krishn Paksh are Stupid! So I’m!


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