ANSWER: I’m not in your rat race! I’m not part of your “competitive society”. I just want to prove myself to my own self… and then I wish to be free.. to fly high like an eagle.. to somewhere, far beyond the earth, higher than clouds. I don’t feel to talk to people. I have nothing which can be explained in words! All what I have are my experiences, feelings and my thoughts. Words are not mine and they cannot express actually what my thoughts, feelings and experiences are! I’m glad, I’m not dependent on words! I don’t need words. I don’t need letters. Symbols help me sometimes but I’m not depending on them too!

QUESTION: So, what are you? A saint or person who escapes from society and world? Aren’t you trying to ignore the economic, social, political and cultural reality but still failed?

ANSWER: If I answer this question, I would be limited into words! This question is a trap!
‘So what are you?’ I’m I something or someone? Do I need to put a label on me? Can’t I remain without nay labels?
‘A saint or person who escapes from society and world?’ You tried to limit my answer between these two options. Another trap! I could be one you can’t imagine.
‘Aren’t you trying to ignore the economic, social, political and cultural reality but still failed?’ This trap has two parts! First requires Yes Or No type answer and second part is forcing me to accept an Unsuccessful and Failure!
Last, we have to find out why, when, where, how and for what this question arises.

I didn’t answer! Yes! Right! So?

I’m not in hurry to reply! First, I see and observe the question! Then I analyse it. Questions are dead! I do Post Martem! If answer comes out of the question, then the question is real otherwise it is just a trap! Be safe!

QUESTION: From where did you get this way? This, sort of views or way to analyse, what I can say? Who taught you or from where did you learn this, I meant.

ANSWER: I like Jiddu Krishnamurti. I like his way of seeing. I’m Jiddu Krishnamurti. Whare I’m not Jiddu Krishnamurti, thers I’m UG Krishnamurti, Jean Paul Sartre, Osho! Nay nay I don’t like Osho much but unfortunately I’m also Osho in absence of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Ok, sometimes answer is a content satisfies content of the question. It’s not like Words Reply To Words.

Answer has been delivered.

QUESTION/Sentence: You look rude!

ANSWER/Reply: Thank You!

QUESTION: Talking is not possible with you. You are alone and you will die emotionless. I wonder why are you alive? Ok, take it as a question, why are you alive? What would you say?

ANSWER/Reply: You already know why and how a baby is born. Tou already know the causes and reasons how I was born. It was not answer. It was just clarification. Your question must be to know my purpose to be here, on this planet, right?

So, put ‘WH’ and you will know your question is dead or alive, real or fake, question or trap. Then ask yourself first, is worth to ask the question? How is it necessary to ask? Why should I ask? Etc.

QUESTION/Sentence: I’m stupid! No I’m the most stupid person to ask you questions! You are not clear about yourself and you always tries to escape from answering.

ANSWER: Your self realization is for yourself, I don’t know you are stupid or wise. It’s all your own experience that nobody alse can realize. What you said about me is all what your mind projected my image to you. That image you got was made by your mind using informations from outside or me. It was a question and I have delivered the answer. I think!

QUESTION: When will you die?

ANSWER: Come for my Cremation Ceremony and enjoy food.

QUESTION: You are again playing with me!

ANSWER: I know you enjoy it but I’m not an entertainer.

QUESTION: Tou are funny.

ANSWER: You changed that image. Your mind is behaving like a drunk monkey.

QUESTION: You also creates images about me. You are not free.

ANSWER: I never claimed that.

QUESTION: I pray, you die soon and peacefully. Youdon’t need to live anymore. Why don’t you die?

ANSWER: Because I’m alive!

QUESTION: Before you said ‘I’m dead’ and now you are say ‘because I’m alive’.

ANSWER: Before you asked me ‘When will you die?’ And replied, ‘Come for my Cremation Ceremony and enjoy food’, I didn’t say ‘I’m dead’.

QUESTION: You play with words.

ANSWER: You said me I played with you. Now you say I play with words. Yes, it’s all game! Enjoy!

QUESTION: Go and die soon please! You or your type of people will make this world a mess!

ANSWER/Reply: UG the barking Dog is no more! Sad!


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